Top Classic Steak Dinners in Salem, VA

Surf and Turf Steak dinner

Delicious steak dinners are an American classic. The perfect steak makes for some of the best family dinners, and even better date nights. Would you like to discover amazing steak options for your next dinner outing? Here is a list of a few places around Salem, VA that will have you craving for more with every bite.

Jersey Lily’s

The first place on the list is Jersey Lily’s. This American-style Roadhouse is filled with grant options for an amazing dining experience. Known for their awesome service, Jersey Lily’s is a Salem staple.

The history behind this steak joint is pretty interesting. It was founded sometime during the 1850s, and named after the famous actress, Emilie Charlotte Le Breton. She was nicknamed “Lillie”, but after an old employee spelled it wrong, the uncorrected form of the name has remained the same throughout the years. If you are looking for some awesome sirloins or some mouth-watering rib-eye, make sure you check out Jersey Lily’s today! For a completed menu check out this link here!

Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse

Franke Rowland’s Steakhouse is known for their tasty food, as well as their elegant main dining room area. It consists of “warm and inviting ambiance, filled with beautiful mahogany wood, and high black leather chairs and a soft candlelight”. The staff here is extremely attentive and trained to provide you with the best dining experiences!

On top of their inviting dining area, they also feature a cozy lounge area that has over 120 wines, 130 liquors, and over 70 different martini combinations. Frankie’s is the perfect location to visit for casual meals or bigger business dinners. Entrée prices range from $22 to $48 dollars, making it super affordable as well as delicious. Voted one of the top steakhouse chains, Frankie’s offers the ultimate classic steak dinner experience.  For a full menu list, check out this link here!

The Great 611 Steak Company

The final steakhouse on this list is none other than The Great 611 Steak Company. Renowned for their family dining establishment values, this swanky place has just celebrated 10 years of business!

The origin of this establishment’s name comes from the idea that the 611 locomotive was one of the original steam trains built in the town of Roanoke. Just like this locomotive, the Great 611 Steak Company also serves its passengers on their travels across the Roanoke Valley. With hefty portion sizes and unbeatable prices, this steakhouse is the perfect destination for all your steak inspired cravings. For a full list of the completed menu check out this link here!

Get ready for amazing classic steak dinners when you check out these awesome locations listed above! While in the Salem area, make sure you also check out Berglund Mazda Salem. Our professionals are ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs!

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