Most Iconic Clips of Donald Duck for Donald Duck Day

83 Years ago, Donald Duck graced the screen for the first time in a film called The Wise Little Hen, at this early introduction of the character audiences did not yet know how iconic he was going to be, or that he was going to be one of Mickey Mouse’s best friends, but now, 83 years later we are still celebrating this hotheaded duck every year on June 9th for “National Donald Duck Day”!

The Wise Little Hen

In this 1934 film, Donald Duck was first introduced to audiences in the retelling of the old parable The Little Red Hen. Donald starred alongside “Pete Pig” in this cartoon.

Orphan’s Benefit

Later in 1934 Donald Duck finally met up with Mickey Mouse in Orphan’s Benefit. Not only does this represent the first appearance of Donald Duck in a Mickey Mouse cartoon, but also the first appearance of Donald’s bad temper rearing its ugly head!

Donald’s Ostrich

This 1937 cartoon that featured Donald Duck as the star is a famous classic of the very entertaining and hilarious happenings of Donald and a rouge Ostrich at the Wahoo Train Station. I mean, if you really want to see Donald Duck get frustrated, stick him in a job and then throw an Ostrich in the middle of it while she decides to eat balloons and just about anything else she can get a hold of.

The Hockey Champ

You absolutely cannot have a list of best Donald Duck clips without having a clip with his rambunctious nephew trio “Huey, Duey, and Louie”! That is where this famous cartoon from 1939 The Hockey Champ comes in!

Donald’s Crime

In 1945 Donald’s Crime was actually nominated for an Oscar, but eventually lost out to Tom and Jerry’s Quiet Please! Donald’s Crime shows us some drastic lengths that Donald is willing to go through in order to take Daisey out on a date, even though his wallet is feeling very “light”. What is very amazing about this Donald Cartoon is that even though you can barely understand anything Donald Says, his conscious is able to be heard loud and clear throughout the entire cartoon.

With 83 years of Donald Duck Cartoons, of course, we could not list every single one that we love, but hopefully, this helps you see where the character started and why he has become an icon worth celebrating every year on June 9th for National Donald Duck Day!

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