Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in Roanoke

Earth Day Roanoke

There is a lot that you can do to celebrate Earth Day & Arbor Day if you live in or around Roanoke and Salem, Virginia, and you are sure to have a very good time when you celebrate at the Earth Day Roanoke Festival. There, you will have an excellent time, and you will gain even a higher appreciation for the earth even more than you have now.

Earth Day Roanoke: April 22nd, 2017

If you want to celebrate Earth Day, then make sure to clear your schedule for April 22nd. You will want to take the whole day off to be at the festival so that you can engage in all of the activities going on there. You will love the free tree giveaway and more, and you will be happy to spend Earth Day at such a great festival.

Earth Day Roanoke: Family Friendly

If you want to have a great time at the festival, then you should bring your family along. There are activities for kids to participate in that will teach them about the earth, and they will have an excellent time while they are learning. They can learn how to become a tree steward or a gardener, and they will love using those skills throughout their lives! Adults will learn just as much as kids while at the festival, and you will be happy to hear of organizations and places that help the earth. You will feel empowered by all that you learn, and you will have a great day with your family.

Arbor Day Salem

Arbor Day in Roanoke

Arbor Day is a fantastic celebration that falls very close to Earth Day every year allowing it to be celebrated during the Earth Day Roanoke Festival. This April 28th celebration is a World Wide Day dedicated to the education of caring for and planting trees and the importance that trees have in our world. This cause falls very close in with the ideals of Earth Day making is a perfect fit for the Earth Day Celebration! This is also why you will be able to receive free tree’s from the “Roanoke Tree Stewards” at the Earth Day Celebration and special Arbor Day Education at the Elmwood Park’s upper pathway from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

This festival is a great thing for the earth, and for all of those who attend, and you will have the best Earth’s Day yet when you get over to it. You will like learning alongside your children, and you will be happy for all of the activities that you can participate in that will teach you more about the earth than you ever knew before.

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