What Is Mazda SkyActiv Technology?

Mazda SkyActive

No matter which Mazda you choose to drive around Salem, you will have access to SkyActiv technology. This Mazda innovation enhances efficiency and performance across the lineup, and it also includes structural components and safety. SkyActiv Technology is Mazda’s way of engineering its vehicles to maximize efficiency as well as driving dynamics. Mazda applies it to a few specific components: the engine, transmission, chassis, and body construction.

SkyActiv Engines

The Mazda SkyActiv engines are more fuel-efficient but fun to drive. You will most likely find the SkyActiv-G Gas engines in the United States. While a conventional engine with internal combustion only uses about 30 percent of fuel’s potential energy, the SkyActiv-G engines improve this efficiency via higher compression ratios. This leads to more energy out of each drop of gas.

SkyActiv Transmissions

To work with the SkyActiv engines, Mazda created SkyActiv transmissions. The SkyActiv-Drive 6-speed automatic provides smooth, quick shifting to deliver steady acceleration. It also has an advanced control module that delivers efficiency, responsiveness, and precision. There is also a SkyActiv-MT 6-speed manual for Virginia drivers who prefer the feel associated with a manual transmission.

SkyActiv Chassis and Body

SkyActiv Technology even extends to the chassis and body, making up the platform, and is crucial to the driving experience. This chassis is able to provide stability while at high speeds and be nimble while at low speeds thanks to its ultra-high tensile strength steel in specific areas. This construction allows for strength and stiffness along with a lightweight frame.

SkyActiv Vehicle Dynamics

This innovative group of Mazda technologies also includes SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics with G-Vectoring Control, a system that gives you a smoother and less fatiguing drive. On your first turn-in and throughout cornering, the system will seamlessly shift the Mazda’s weight and adjust the power delivery to create a driving feel you will love.

You can get a feel for all the SkyActiv technology when you visit Berglund Mazda Salem in Salem, Virginia, and take any Mazda for a test drive.

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