Top Classic Steak Dinners in Salem, VA

Slices of Steak Ribeye on meat fork
Delicious steak dinners are an American classic. The perfect steak makes for some of the best family dinners, and even better date nights. Would you like to discover amazing steak options for your next dinner outing? Here is a list of a few places around Salem, VA that will have... [read more]

Top Events Happening in Downtown Roanoke this Summer!

Downtown Roanoke, Virginia Skyline
Every year, the city of Roanoke hosts a variety of events for the people of to partake in. These events range from wine festivals, yoga, concerts and just about everywhere in-between. Many of these events are free to the public, so make sure you mark your calendars down and check... [read more]

Celebrate at the “Red Hot 4th”

Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot 4th
The Red Hot 4th celebration will pay tribute to the legendary funk rock quartet The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This band that has stood the test of time for three very productive decades, and they have a career full of chart-topping songs. The tribute comes at the hands of their biggest... [read more]

Most Iconic Clips of Donald Duck for Donald Duck Day

White duck for Donald Duck Day
83 Years ago, Donald Duck graced the screen for the first time in a film called The Wise Little Hen, at this early introduction of the character audiences did not yet know how iconic he was going to be, or that he was going to be one of Mickey Mouse’s... [read more]

Browse the Sidewalk Art Show in Roanoke, Virginia!

Row of artist paint brushes closeup on old wooden background
An annual tradition since 1958, the Sidewalk Art Show returns to Roanoke once again for 2017. The popular, free show is happening both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with over 10,000 people expected to attend and enjoy browsing original and influential works of fine art. The... [read more]

Enjoy a Delish Cup of Coffee at These Nearby Cafes

Friends enjoying coffee together.
Sure, you can brew coffee at home, but nothing beats a delicious cup of coffee from a local coffee shop. Coffee shops know how to bring the flavor, so you can get a boost of caffeine in the very best way. If you’re ready to enjoy some of the best... [read more]

Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your Car

Man cleaning car's interior using vacuum cleaner
Spring is here, which means it’s time to get some cleaning done. You know you need to clean the windows and get under the refrigerator. You also need to take your area rugs out and give them a good beating. That’s only part of the picture, though. You also need... [read more]

Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in Roanoke

Earth Day Roanoke
There is a lot that you can do to celebrate Earth Day & Arbor Day if you live in or around Roanoke and Salem, Virginia, and you are sure to have a very good time when you celebrate at the Earth Day Roanoke Festival. There, you will have an excellent... [read more]